QuickBooks Training – Middlesex

A pleasant day in Harefield, Middlesex providing consultancy to addressing issues with a QuickBooks file and converting to QuickBooks Pro 2008. Always nice to work with a company supplying products / purchasing stock. A busy day with VAT , payroll and upgrading issues to address.

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QuickBooks Training – Southampton

A short trip down the M3 and the opportunity to work on a conversion from QuickBooks to Microsoft Office Accounting.  The conversion including handling opening balances , a VAT period covering data from both accounting systems and bank reconciliation.

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QuickBooks Training – Brighton

My second visit to Brighton within a month and to businesses within 1/2 a mile of each other (but no connection). The weather didn’t live up to the seaside atmosphere but I did get the opportunity to walk along the seafront. Took the scenic route back avoiding the traffic on the M25. I suspect the….

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