QuickBooks Payroll -Want to avoid HMRC penalties?

How to avoid penalties from HMRC

Avoid penalties from HMRC by making sure you read and action any Generic Notification messages you receive.

These electronic messages are issued by HMRC and advise employers that…..                                                                                


Action e-mails

Action e-mails

HMRC have not received a Full Payment Submission when they were expecting one

The  Employer/Agent filed the Full Payment Submission after the payment date       

HMRC records show that payment has not been made in full or on time

HMRC records show that the employer is late again with payment               



How do I know that I have received a notification?                                                             

If  you currently receive email alerts for existing notifications such as Tax Codes, then you will also automatically receive email alerts for generic notifications – HMRC will send an e-mail to your nominated e-mail address providing a link to the HMRC website – you then select PAYE for Employers from the “do it online” menu

Need to register for alerts? –  choose the ‘Notifications email’ option within PAYE Online Services.

 HMRC issue Employer Bulletins every 3 months to keep employers and payroll agents informed and updated on all matters relating to HMRC and payroll

 Did you know that ……….

  • age exemption certificates are no longer being issued

  • HMRC have new helpline numbers

 Full details of Generic Notifications can be found in the HMRC Employer Bulletin Number 45 – you can view/download HMRC Employer Bulletins at the HMRC website – past bulletins are also availble via this link .

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