New Intuit Pay – Never Miss a Sale

Take cards on the go using Intuit Pay.

Intuit Pay enables you to securely accept credit and debit card payments anywhere using your smart phone, iPad or computer. Face to face sales are processed using an Intuit Pay card reader and your mobile device. Intuit Pay also allows you to process payments from no-chip cards – you simply swipe your customer’s card and get them to sign on your mobile phone screen. Telephone payments can be made by entering customer’s card details into the Intuit Pay website. Intuit Pay works for Visa, MasterCard and Maestro payments. Intuit Pay can be customised to help promote your business and facilitate the payment process: add your own background and logo • customise your receipts with a message and social networking links to advertise your business as well as your contact details • add photos, names and prices of your products to your checkout to assist in processing orders • add gratuity and apply discounts – these can be incorporated in your Inuit pay to enable your customers to give you a tip or for you to give your customers a discount Intuit Pay also offers users the ability to check the details of past transactions, re-send receipts and offer refunds and users will have real-time access to all transactions. An important part of using any payment system is how quickly payments are received by the business – Intuit will add up the transactions on a daily basis and then deduct their fees from the total – the remaining balance is then sent to the client’s bank account by bacs transfer taking five to seven working days to arrive. Intuit Pay statements will be provided giving details of which payment covers which transaction(s) and how the total was calculated – this will be useful in checking that you have received all your payments. Full details of Intuit Pay can be found at: New to taking payments by card? – we can provide QuickBooks Training to help you adapt your file If you use Intuit Pay please feel free to add your thoughts. Why did you choose Intuit Pay?

Training with Katara Gives You Competitive Edge

Many small and medium-sized businesses fail to take their bookkeeping seriously and bury their heads in the sand, leaving the end-of-year taxes to the last minute rather than maintaining complete control of their accounts throughout the year so that they can make important strategic financial decisions prior to their year-end.

The fact that you are visiting our training website and considering booking a training course – whether it’s one of our open training sessions for beginners or a bespoke training programme for advanced bookkeepers – shows that your business is not one with its head in the sand.

Training with Katara will ensure that your business maintains its competitive edge by giving you total control over your company’s bookkeeping and therefore the future prosperity of your company.

A day’s training or more to help you become more expert in your company’s bookkeeping software could make all the difference between you and your competitors. All because you are better trained and because that training resulted in smart and timely decisions.

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