QuickBooks for charities? Why is it so popular?

Charity Man QuickBooks for charities? Why is it so popular?

QuickBooks as long been a popular accounting program for the charity sector. So when it comes to accounting software many state that it’s QuickBooks for Charities everytime.

QuickBooks is used widely by both Charities and Not for Profit organisations. It is often selected by recommendation from a contact in the charity sector.  

Over the years we have provided QuickBooks training to a large number of 3rd sector organisations providing an insight into why charities opt for QuickBooks.

The key attraction of QuickBooks for charities is

– the ability to create multiple organisation files without the need or cost of additional licences ( this will be lost on the online version of QuickBooks).

– the flexibility QuickBooks gives to creating a structure which allows for the reporting of Income & expenditure by event and/ or funder and / or restricted v unrestricted funds.

-the number of accounts staff in Charities with QuickBooks experience making recruitment easier.
If you use QuickBooks and work or volunteer for a charity please feel free to add your thoughts.Why did your organisation choose QuickBooks?



Benefits of Training

When training with an expert, their guidance will teach you shortcuts that you’ll use every day of the week but also the process of training helps you approach and understand your subject at a more academic level. So, to use a musical analogy, rather than being able to jam out a few chords you have learned by heart, you’ll know how to make music of your own.

Training with an expert from Karata Quickbooks Training works just the same. Whether you want beginners’ training, or further training to move from beginner to intermediate, or an advanced, bespoke, one-to-one training course to move you from intermediate to expert, our Quickbooks training courses will combine “tricks of the trade” that save you time with a full working knowledge of the software that is so vitally important to the future of your business.

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