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Stock for QuickBooks

QuickBooks stock is an area which can be a cause for concern for QuickBooks users with more advanced stock management needs.

As an of the shelf package QuickBooks provides basic stock functionality but if your business needs to manage it’s stock more proactively you may need to look at alternatives.

Businesses look at alternative solutions to meet specific business needs. Perhaps you need to control stock in more than one warehouse or manage back orders more effectively. You may need to make sure QuickBooks users do not create negative stock items in the accounts or wish to protect disclosure of sensitive financial information.

One of the alternatives available to QuickBooks users in the UK is Allorders by Numbercruncher. Created specifically with QuickBooks in mind Allorders provides the additional functionality you may be missing and it communicates with your QuickBooks file.

We have recently implemented Allorders to work with QuickBooks in two UK business to address QuickBooks stock issues.

Here are a few of the reasons you may wish to take a look at Allorders for your business:

Calculates stock values on a FIFO basis

Pending stock on purchase order can be allocated to a back order

Records stock in multiple locations

Can work with EDI communication to an external warehouse / supplier

Communicated with QuickBooks to generate Invoices / Bills from shipping documents

To discuss you QuickBooks stock needs further contact Katara today or download a trial of Allorders and take a look for yourself.









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Until further notice we are not visiting clients to deliver face to face QuickBooks training.

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