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QuickBooks online classes


Online classes and locations are functions available in QuickBooks online ( not all version)

The classes function is available in QuickBooks desktop (equivalent to the departments function in Sage). Classes are useful in various sectors and are used for a diverse range of reporting requirements. Classes are useful to report Profit & Loss by division , split reporting by project or funder (used by charities to manage restricted / unrestricted funds) or manage employee performance.

QuickBooks online allows for both a class and a location function expanding the reporting capability beyond that available on QuickBooks desktop.

Online classes can be a better option allowing a split of different classes on the same transaction. Locations are limited to one location per transaction.

This limits the potential value of locations. If anybody is using QuickBooks Online locations I would be interested in how this function is delivering against the online classes option .I suspect it will largely come into play when a QuickBooks user is looking to expand reporting and the class function is already in use.

We have often found that QuickBooks desktop users request classes for more than one reason., This limits desktop users looking to expand reporting. The locations in Online provide an additional route.

For desktop users we have a QuickBooks training video available on How to use of classes in QuickBooks.

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