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Training – the Third Way

The fascinating thing about software is that once the publisher releases a product it to you, it’s you who decides how to use it. And sometimes, the best intentions of the developers don’t quite translate into the way you want to work. You may find yourself thinking “I wish I could do this…” or “I hate the way it does that…”

So either you’ll choose to grudgingly work differently to suit the software or you might look elsewhere for a software solution that meets your needs.

But training can provide a third way. Through software training with Katara, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of best practices for bookkeeping along with tricks of the trade direct from experts who use the product every single day and are dedicated specialists in their field.

Our trainers won’t tell you that your way is wrong, but instead, using real-world examples that you’ll recognise from your day-to-day work, our training will show you different methods to achieve the same ends and we’ll give you the expertise to decide for yourself how you want to work.

And after one of our training courses – whether it’s training for absolute beginners or a more advanced, bespoke training course designed specifically for your needs and the needs of your company – you may well find that “I wish it could do this…” turns into “I never knew it could do that…” and “I hate the way is does that…” turns into “I’m so glad I learned this…”

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COVID-19 Update

We continue to provide QuickBooks training and problem solving via screen share / remote access.

Until further notice we are not visiting clients to deliver face to face QuickBooks training.

Please call us on 01256 764406 today or contact us via the website to book a QuickBooks training session or for further information.