5 reasons why you should choose QuickBooks accounting software.


Quickbooks accounting software incomings & outgoings


Is QuickBooks accounting software, the best bookkeeping package for SME businesses?

Well on QuickBooks training sessions, I’m often asked the question:

‘Do I actually prefer QuickBooks or another accounting software programme.’

I always recommend QuickBooks accounting software, but why?

Well, here are my top 5 reasons why you should choose QuickBooks over other accounting software.

Quickbooks accounting software is just one of the many bookkeeping packages on the market today. Certainly, there certainly are many packages to choose from… SAGE, TAS, MYOB (when it existed) or any number of bespoke accounting software programmes. My genuine answer is of course QuickBooks, justified with the comment ‘because I know it, understand it and use it. 

So for those who are looking at QuickBooks or those who don’t currently use the software, but are looking at the options available, here are my top five reasons to select QuickBooks accounting software (Desktop).

  • It is user friendly. Its interface is built for the user not the accountant which helps to simplify processes.
  • It is very forgiving. Mistakes can be easily rectified but on occasions its forgiving nature can lead to problems.
  • Reports are easy to run and gives you the flexibility to create ‘almost’ any report to extract data in your required format. Reports can easily be exported to Excel for further development.
  • The ease of Interrogating data is a key benefit. The ability to drill down from a report to view a transaction or transactions making up a balance is excellent. 
  • You can make QuickBooks your own. Creating your own custom buttons to provide shortcuts to processes or reports is a breeze!

Don’t take my word for it try it out yourself. If you would like more information then get in touch via the contact page and we’ll let you know just how powerful QuickBooks accounting software can be for your business!

You’re Never Too Expert to Get Some Training

Here are Katara, we’re training all the time – our training isn’t necessarily with other trainers, but we are constantly researching new ways of learning and of course keeping in touch with new advances from, and consulting with, the manufacturer.

What’s more, our customers are sharpening our training every single day. By working with different people who all use the same software, we are always becoming aware of new pitfalls and mistakes that everyday users find themselves making. So, during a training course, when you ask us about a problem that always ties you up in knots, we’re likely to say “We dealt with something like that in another training course only last week”.

Training from Katara is a two-way street, so we look forward to learning from you while you receive training from us.

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