Credit and debit card payments on the move with new Intuit Pay.

intuit pay from QuickBooksNew Intuit Pay – Make Sales on the move 

With businesses becoming increasingly mobile, the need to accept credit and debit card payments on the move is growing rapidly. New Intuit Pay enables you to accept secure credit and debit card payments anywhere using a smart phone, iPad or computer. 

New Intuit Pay allows you to take payments from customers on a face to face basis or on the telephone. With Intuit Pay you can process payments from no-chip cards – you simply swipe your customer’s card and get them to sign on your mobile phone screen.

Intuit Pay works for Visa, MasterCard and Maestro payments

Customise Intuit Pay

Intuit Pay can be customised to help promote your business and facilitate the payment process:

  •  add your own background and logo                
  • ·customise your receipts with a message and social networking links to advertise your business as well as your contact details 
  • add photos, names and prices of your products to your checkout to assist in processing orders
  • add gratuity and apply discounts

Intuit Pay users can also check the details of past transactions, re-send receipts and offer refunds and will have real-time access to all transactions.                                                  

Safe & Secure

  • Intuit Pay meets Visa’s strict security standard, is EMV approved and fully compliant with PCI regulations.
  • Intuit Pay data is encrypted to keep your customers’ data safe. Card data is never stored on your mobile, iPad or computer.

Getting your money

An important part of using any payment system is how quickly payments are received by the business – Intuit Pay will add up the transactions on a daily basis and then deduct their fees from the total – the remaining balance is then sent to the client’s bank account by bacs transfer taking five to seven working days to arrive.  

Intuit Pay statements will be provided giving details of which payment covers which transaction(s) and how the total was calculated.

Full details of Intuit Pay can be found at:

New to taking payments by card? – Katara can provide QuickBooks Training to show you how to process transactions.

If you use New Intuit Pay please feel free to add your thoughts. Why did you choose Intuit Pay?



Training to Get Out of a Rut

With every advance from the software manufacturer comes new functionality that may or may not change the way you work. And it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, either failing to keep up to date with changes or by refusing yourself the time to learn more advanced skills.

We all have holes in our lives – whether at home or in the workplace – where we know we could improve ourselves if only we could find the time. And we also know that we could probably save ourselves a lot of time in the long run if only we learned how to do something properly instead of just muddling through. You know the answer to this conundrum and, of course, it’s training.

The best training will make the process of learning as fast or as slow as you need it to be but always with the intention that, at the end, you’re fully-trained in the skills you needed all along.

The fact that you’re visiting our training website means you have already taken a very important first step. You’ve recognised the power and value of training and you’re looking for the right training for you.

So allow us to reassure you that we understand that your needs are unique to you. Because while the software may be the same, our training can always be adapted to suit your needs and solve your specific problems.

Practice makes perfect and, by the same token, training gives us all the chance to be better and faster at what we do.

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COVID-19 Update

We continue to provide QuickBooks training and problem solving via screen share / remote access.

Until further notice we are not visiting clients to deliver face to face QuickBooks training.

Please call us on 01256 764406 today or contact us via the website to book a QuickBooks training session or for further information.