Tips to speed up processing your QuickBooks payroll

Want some tips to speed up processing your QuickBooks payroll?

As a QuickBooks Payroll Trainer I am always looking for ways to speed up doing payroll on QuickBooks.

Quite often it can be something simple which can be a source of stress or a process that seems to take a long time to complete.

Here are some suggestions for actions you might like to take to speed up your payroll processing on QuickBooks.               


Review Your Employee List

Tips and hints to speed up processing your QuickBooks payroll
Tips and hints

Does your employee list include employees who have left?

You can make these employees inactive so that they do not appear everytime you open your employee list – to do this

Left click on the employee who has left to highlight them then right click and click on the option “Make Employee Inactive”

By taking this action your employee list will only show the employees are currently employed by you.

You can still see their details if you need to – by using the dropdown box under employees you can see a list of all your employees – active and inactive ones


Memorise Your Payroll Reports

As a  QuickBooks payroll user I have several reports which I use every month –  to save time I have saved them as memorised reports

For example – The Transactions by Payee report I like to name “Net Pay Report” –

To have this readily accessible I followed the following steps

  •   I first created a report and using the Modify Reports function on QuickBooks and changed the header to “Net Pay Report”
  •   Next I clicked on Memorise  to save the report

this way I don’t have to change the header on the report every month!

You can also follow this process to memorise other payroll reports you use on a regular basis. 

  I hope that you find these tips useful and if you need any help with QuickBooks payroll then QuickBooks training sessions from Katara can help

why not get in touch via our contact page.

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